Can I have a cosmetic Tattooing enhancement while pregnant?
No, you must wait till after you have had your baby.

How long will my cosmetic tattoo enhancement last?
Everyone will hold the pigment differently and the fading of the enhancement will depend on many factors e.g sun exposure, skin type and lifestyle. Usually your enhancement will last anywhere from 2-5 years. Some eyeliners tend to last longer.

How often should I have my enhancement touched up?
It is recommended for clients to have yearly touch up appointments, however some clients may not need one every year. Once you noticed that your enhancement has started to fade dramatically it is important to have a touch up.

Does the procedure hurt?
Some discomfort can be expected, however Topical Anaesthetics are applied before and during the procedure to make it more comfortable.

What is the difference between powder fill and micro-stroke brows?
Powder fill brows are tattooed on solid and heal very soft as though you have applied a brow powder to your brows. This technique is great for almost everyone. The lighter the colour the softer the results. Micro-stroke brows are great for clients who are wanting to fill and shape a finer brow. Individual micro-strokes are placed to blend with the natural brow hair, leaving your brows looking naturally fuller.

How is the correct colour chosen?
Colours are chosen by testing each colour on your forehead as everyone has different skin tones, so each colour will appear differently on each indiviual. Also your hair colour, eye colour and indiviual desires are taken in to account when choosing a colour.

Does my natural brow get waxed or shaved off before getting them tattooed?
​No! I will shape your natrual brow to the desired shape and will pluck away any stray hairs. Following the natural brow as much as possible is important to getting softer, more natural results.

Why do I need a follow up appointment 4-8 weeks after my first treatment?
The follow up procedure is an important step in the whole cosmetic process. Some unevenness of colour can be experience after healing is complete and this can be corrected at the follow up. Also it is important to check how the colour has healed in the skin and if a colour change is needed this can be achieved.

How long does it take for each treatment?
Eyebrows can take 2-3hours for your first treatment. For upper/lower eyeliner or lash enhancement it will take between 1.5 -2.5 hours. For lip liner or blend this procedure will take about 2 hours, with the full lip treatment taking up to 3 hours. All follow up appointments will take 1-2 hours.

How do I know what treatment will best suit me?
If you are unsure about what may suit you, booking a consultation would be advised so Haley can meet with you and discuss your options. There are many techniques and styles so choosing the best to suit you is important.

Will my brows turn green, blue or orange over a period of time?
No, poor quality pigments are to blame for this. At Brow Culture only amiea high quality brow pigments are used. The colour mix of these pigments are so well balanced they will fade out more evenly. However some clients may heal with a warm or cool tone depending on the colour of your skin undertone.

Can I return to work the next day?
​Yes most people can return the next day. However it is recommended after an eye-liner or full lip treatment to have a day or two down time, as you may experience swelling for the first 48 hours.

​If you have any other questions please contact Haley on 02108398739